Premiere of the film about Uldis Bērziņš at the British Documentary Film Festival

This year, the official premiere of director Ilona Brūvere’s latest film “Constructions” will have its international premiere in the official program of the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival “Rebellions”. The creators of the festival have chosen films in this category about personalities who, with a personal example, make the world better, socially inclusive, creative and human.

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“Constructions” is a film about the poet Uldis Bērziņš, tells about the poet’s daily life, traces the events and relationships of Bērziņš’s family life. The title of the film “Constructions” has several meanings. It is a reference to the language constructions of the poet Ulža Bērziņš and the author’s view of Bērziņš House constructed by the author, as well as the poet’s relations with the world and language. Bērziņi House is also the home of the poet’s daughter Una and son Ansis Ataols.

“The selection commission decided unanimously on” Constructions “, which represents Latvia in the important film forum, the author with his shooting group has created a unique and original example of documentary cinema,” emphasizes Agnese Wildenstein, a representative of the festival selection committee.

Due to the global emergency of Covid 19, the festival also takes place online as an opportunity to watch the festival’s films and participate in discussions on the website. In October, “Constructions” is planned to be shown in Sheffield cinemas, subject to current restrictions.

For more than twenty years, the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival has been the largest International Documentary Film Festival in the United Kingdom and one of the three largest festivals in this category in the world. An internationally significant platform that reaches a wide audience, opening up new opportunities for film distribution and screening around the world. The BBC has been named one of the leading documentary film platforms in Europe by the British social media.

Only 2,400 films have been sent to the Sheffield Documentary Film Festival for screening this year, of which 115 have been selected for screening.

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