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From Salvini to the Democratic Party, from Fi to LeU: all agree in asking the government to intervene to cut bills which, according to Minister Cingolani, risk growing by 40%. Salvini: ‘I asked Draghi to bring the tax increase on the bill to zero’. And the premier, speaking at the Italian-German forum, said: ‘The state must be ready to help citizens and businesses in facing the costs of this complex transformation’ linked to the EU Next Generation.

“The trend data on increases in energy costs have been known and monitored for some time by insiders: changes in bills are established every quarter by the energy authority on the basis of the cost of raw materials such as gas and the cost of CO2 “. This was underlined by the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani. “The government is strongly committed to mitigating the cost of bills due to these international circumstances and to ensure that the transition to more sustainable energies is rapid and does not penalize families”, concludes the minister.

“I expressed my solidarity and I have just spoken with the Minister of the Environment Cingolani. It is not possible to wait for the electricity and gas bills to increase by 40%”. The leader of the League and senator, Matteo Salvini, said this on the sidelines of a visit to the Central Market in Milan. “So, on behalf of the League, I strongly asked the government and President Draghi first of all for interventions to cut the part of taxes that weigh down bills”, he concluded, so that “this increase reaches zero”.

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“The high bill is a blow to families and businesses and risks jeopardizing the recovery. As PD we ask the government to allocate the necessary resources to protect consumers from increases. The unprecedented surge in energy bills confirms the need to strengthen the tools to make the ecological transition socially sustainable. Countries like Spain and Germany are launching legislative initiatives, shifting part of the system burdens to other sources of financing “. So on Fb, Antonio Misiani, Head of Economics in the Secretariat of the Democratic Party.

“This increase in bills is absolutely excessive, whatever the global reasons that cause it. It takes a government intervention to reduce one-off system charges and thus limit an impact that is a freeze on the consumption of #families and on the #reprise . ” The secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, writes it in a tweet.

“We respect the will of Parliament, which through the Finance Committee expressed itself, almost unanimously, on the fact of avoiding the revision of the land registry, effectively increasing the taxation on real estate”. Thus the Forza Italia deputy, Sestino Giacomoni, member of the party’s presidency coordination. “Just as, with regard to the increase in bills, we find a solution together in the commission. Forza Italia has its own proposal: no VAT, in the face of such a substantial increase in bills. The State has the courage not to impose any gabelle “, he concludes.


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