Pregnant teacher arrested for having sex with 15-year-old boy

The student himself claims that no one forced him to have sex and everything was “by agreement.”

Also, the woman kept weapons on the school grounds / photo- REUTERS

V USA a pregnant teacher was arrested. A 41-year-old woman is accused of raping a 15-year-old boy, but the schoolboy himself told the police that no one forced him to have sexual relations.

This was reported by the edition Daily Record.

So, the police in Miami, Florida, arrested a pregnant teacher Haley Calvey. 41-year-old woman, according to law enforcement officers, raped a teenager. In addition to having sex with a 15-year-old boy, the teacher is suspected of committing another crime.

According to police, the woman kept a weapon on the school grounds. The boy who entered into an intimate relationship with the teacher did not want to help law enforcement officers. The teen claims that he had sex with a grown woman of his own free will.

Read alsoIn the Rivne region, the teacher sent the girl nude photos – he received a suspended sentencePolice spokesman Ray Valdez said the boy’s words meant little. The point is that under Florida law, minors cannot consent to sex. In addition, law enforcement officers do not plan to find out who is the father of the child the teacher is expecting.

During the investigation, the police interviewed other students at the school. After that, it became known that a schoolboy who had sex with a teacher stored in his phone a video recording of intimacy with an adult woman.

The teacher is now under arrest. She can be released on bail in the amount of 19 thousand dollars, but after a court decision, her fate may change.

Earlier, UNIAN already reported that in Russia a teacher practiced bdsm after lessons and “burned” in social networks.

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