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PR Aravindakshan Arrested in Karuvannur Cooperative Bank Loan Fraud Case by Enforcement Directorate (ED)

Kochi ∙ CPM Athani local committee member and Vadakanchery municipal council member PR Aravindakshan has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) under the Anti-Money Laundering Act in the Thrissur Karuvannur Cooperative Bank loan fraud case. In the afternoon, he was called home from the municipal office, arrested and brought to Kochi.

Former senior accountant of the bank CK Gilles was also arrested. The trial court remanded both the third and fourth accused. ED will apply for 3 days custody today. The first accused, P. Satish Kumar, who is the interest dealer, and the second accused, PP. Kiran, who is the middleman, were arrested earlier.

Arvindakshan and Jiles have been accused of complicity in the fraud of taking loans of 150 crore rupees in the name of benami. It was found that even the documents given by the clients while taking loans were misused. Aravindakshan responded that he was caught in a fraud case and that he was neither a thief nor a murderer. Earlier, Aravindakshan had complained to the police that he was beaten up by the ED officials for not giving the statement demanded during the interrogation.

ED says that Aravindakshan has assets beyond his income

Kochi ∙ ED’s remand report that P.R. Aravindakshan made wealth beyond his income during the fraud in Karuvannur in 2015-17. The source of the fixed deposit of Rs 50 lakh could not be disclosed. It was found that the first accused P. Satishkumar paid this amount. The ED also alleged that the second accused, PP Kiran, received 25 lakhs of Aravindakshan out of the 24 crores he had stolen. According to the remand report, Aravindakshan threatened former bank manager Biju Karim, who had given a negative statement.

The noose is tightening for the CPM

Aravindakshan is a confidant of former minister and MLA AC Moiteen. Thrissur Cooperative Bank president and CPM state committee member MK Kannan has been instructed to appear for questioning the next day. After that, Moitin will be called again. The employees had testified that many loans were sanctioned on the recommendation of Moiteen, Kannan, Aravindakshan and others. Kannan responded that he is the next target of ED. CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yachuri said that he was not aware of the arrest and would look into the matter when it comes before the central leadership.

∙ ‘This arrest is in retaliation for not complying with the ED’s order to report seeing AC Moiteen carrying money in a sack. The party is with Aravindaksha.’ – MV Govindan, CPM State Secretary

English Summary: Karuvannur Bank scam: PR Aravindakshan Taken into Custody by ED

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