Portneuf regional hospital finally gets its taco

HEALTH. After more than a decade of procedures, the Portneuf regional hospital now has a tomodensitometer (CT). The high-tech device will make it possible to better serve the citizens of the western part of the capital in their diagnosis by medical imaging.

At a virtual press briefing, the CIUSSS de la Capitale confirmed this investment of around $ 3.5M for the development and equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Ultimately, healthcare providers plan to perform up to 6,000 examinations per year. These are as many patients who can be served nearby and the same number of appointments that will be released in hospitals in Quebec.

For Michel Truchon, president of the Portneuf Health Foundation, this is the ultimate element of a major mobilization project to improve our health services. “This is the result of a significant harvest of over $ 1M for an organization like ours, which operates in a modest region. It was all possible to materialize thanks to the hard work of local players, ”he underlines.

For his part, the provincial deputy for Portneuf, Vincent Caron, sees it as a significant improvement in the health services offered to the local population. “Already in operation, this taco fulfills regional expectations which have been the subject of a major mobilization and even an online petition. A result of more than 10 years of work on the part of local elected officials and the Portneuf Health Foundation, ”he notes.

Other enhanced services

For his part, Michel Delamarre, CEO. CIUSSS de la Capitale welcomes the establishment of this new quality and safe service in Portneuf. “We can do up to 15 medical imaging exams per day. Gradually, he adds, we are aiming to set up emergency evening and night services. This will avoid as many transfers and trips to Quebec hospitals. ”

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Other improvements are expected from the Portneuf Health Center and its hospital located in Saint-Raymond. Very soon, plans are being made to implement day medicine and improve hemodialysis. In the medium term, it is a question of developing the outpatient oncology service.

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