IPhone 13 Pro might not have Apple’s best camera

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The iPhone 13 lineup is expected to feature several fantastic new upgrades, but one of them seems to be reserved only for the flagship model.

If current rumors are true, the range iPhone 13 will include several camera enhancements including a brand new image stabilization software system and even portrait video. New information suggests that the camera will also receive a significant hardware upgrade.

The details come from Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected industry analyst and serial discloser, who affirms that this year’s iPhone 13 Pro Max will feature an upgraded main camera lens with a wider f / 1.5 aperture. This will give the new model a boost in light collecting performance, which generally results in better low-light imaging and reduced noise.

L’iPhone Pro Max current has a smaller main lens aperture of f / 1.6, a specification Apple is expected to keep in all models in the lineup iPhone 13 to come, except the flagship model. The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s camera can therefore be expected to perform slightly differently, and hopefully better, than the smaller 2021 models.

However, all models of the iPhone 13 Pro look set to benefit from an enhanced f / 1.8 ultra-wide lens, according to one of Ming-Chi Kuo’s previous predictions.

While lens aperture is a crucial factor in camera performance, note that when it comes to gathering light, the f-number is inextricably linked with the size of the sensor. The larger the sensor, the greater the total amount of light captured for a given number f.

This aspect will become increasingly important as competing manufacturers, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, will adopt increasingly larger sensors for their main cameras, posing an increasing challenge to the iPhone which still uses relatively small sensors.

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Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Paul Monckton


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