Porsche has defended itself against the exceptions to the ban on internal combustion engines, everyone is to contribute

Italy’s request for an exemption from the ban on internal combustion engines for traditional supersport manufacturers has not pleased Porsche’s management, which believes that everyone should contribute to decarbonising the climate.

The ban on the sale of internal combustion engines on European markets has not yet been decided, but the European Union is already working on a proposal according to which this ban should enter into force as early as 2035. And, of course, some carmakers and governments do not like this. For example, the Italian one will require an exemption for traditional supersport manufacturers.

However, this information did not please the management of Porsche very much. Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, should even have mentioned in an interview with Bloomberg that, in his opinion, similar exemptions by the EU are a mistake. And he mentioned two arguments that make sense.

The first argument is that electric cars will simply be better in the next decade – even in terms of performance. “Electric cars will be invincible in the next decade,Blume was to present for Bloomberg Television.

Blume added that even carmakers like Ferrari should play their part in the current drive for carbon neutrality. “Decarbonisation is a global issue and everyone should be involved, “Bloomberg quotes Blume’s words on his website.

Ferrari and Lamborghini are not afraid of electrification, after all, Ferrari should have confirmed last month that a possible ban from 2035 will not be a problem. After all, according to some speculations, Ferrari plans to introduce its first electric car as early as 2025. Lamborghini then promises to electrify each model from 2024 and the first purely electric model also around 2025.

However, the Italian government’s proposal was to protect smaller supersport manufacturers, such as Pagani. It will be more difficult for smaller brands to afford to invest in new technologies, or to offer more models with different drive technology at the same time, so that the current customer who loves the crash of the internal combustion engine and the future customer who prefers quiet and immediate speed can choose.

Electric supersports offer really impressive parameters, which proves the Rimac Nevera, the fastest accelerating production car in the world. In addition, the technology and parameters of electric cars should improve over time and prices will fall, but this will still be a long way off.

In the end, however, it still depends most on how the current proposal to ban internal combustion engines from 2035 turns out. In addition, we are talking about the relatively distant future, and by 2035 a lot can happen and change.



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