POPULAR! Price list for Samsung mobile phones for October 2020: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Note 20, A51, S20, A11

JOURNAL TRIP – Price list of HP Samsung the latest October 2020, there is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy A51, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy A11.

Samsung is one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world. They have made nearly hundreds of types of smart phone models.

Due to various models and types, HP prices Samsung also very different. Starting from the cheapest under 1 million, up to 20 million.

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This cellphone price list is only for benchmarks and estimates, because cellphone prices can differ from region to region and each store. Prices can also change at any time.

Reporting from the pricebook site, here is the HP price list Samsung latest starting from 1 Millions:

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Rp 11.699.000

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