Initiates: closing down the catering industry, curbing team sports | Inland

Sources report this to the Binnenhof. For the catering industry, an earlier closure, at six o’clock in the evening, is also on the table, as is closure for the weekend only. Also, the sale of alcohol in the evenings is likely to be banned, as has already happened in some security regions. The options are still under discussion.


Group sports are likely to be restricted, with the exception of youth and professionals. This means that people over 18 are no longer allowed to practice amateur sports that cannot be kept a meter and a half away. A sport like tennis, for example, would still be possible. Gyms will remain open for the time being. Nor will anything change for schools for the time being.

The measures, which will apply for at least two weeks, have not yet been determined. The cabinet will meet on Tuesday. In the evening, the new restrictions will be announced during the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Corona Minister De Jonge.

The measures are still under discussion. The cabinet will meet on this tomorrow. In the evening, the new restrictions will be announced during the press conference of Prime Minister Rutte and Corona Minister De Jonge.

Tool box

They are also expected to outline a long-term perspective, a ‘roadmap’ or ‘toolbox’ that makes it clear to citizens and administrators at which level of spread and contamination certain measures are followed. The idea is copied from Ireland, which works with a traffic light system, in which sectors turn red, orange or green for certain values ​​of infections, hospital admissions and occupancy of intensive care units. Mayors can close catering establishments and schools under their own authority and restrict travel if the situation requires it.

Mouth masks remain advice

During the session in the Catshuis, Rutte discussed all the possible measures with the core team of the cabinet. It was also considered whether the urgent advice to wear face masks in public indoor spaces should become an obligation. It seems that it will only be an opinion, since an obligation requires a change in the law.

Group size back

The cabinet previously indicated that it would keep more far-reaching measures, such as introducing a curfew. According to those involved, it will not happen for the time being. The group size does decrease further. For indoors no exception is made to the maximum of thirty. For the outdoors, the maximum number of people allowed to congregate also decreases further, although it is unclear what the permitted group size will be.

‘Painful for everyone’

The measures were discussed in the Security Council on Monday evening, where in addition to the chairmen of the 25 security regions, ministers De Jonge and Grapperhaus (Justice) were also present. According to Leiden mayor Henry Lenferink, who temporarily takes the place of Mayor Bruls as chairman, new measures are ‘painful for everyone’. “But something has to be done now to turn it around.” According to Lenferink, there was strong support for the proposed measures.

Day record

Last week, the cabinet still had hope that the measures – the catering industry closed at 10 p.m., working from home as the norm – would have sufficient effect. That should become about visible now. The numbers belie that optimism. Between Sunday morning and Monday morning, 6,854 new corona cases were reported, a new day record.

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