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Pontevedra: A Hidden Gem on the Camino de Santiago, Ranked as a Top Tourist Destination

Pontevedra increasingly international

Pontevedra becomes one of the tourist destinations most valued by foreigners. In summer, tourism in the Pontevedra city produces a great diversity of cultures and languages ​​on the streets. The moderate temperatures in this Galician city cause many visitors to decide to go there in search of less hot weather.

Estela and Bjorn, father and daughter, from Denmark. | // JAVIER LIEUTENANT

The city of Pontevedra is not a one-time destination, as many people decide to return. “This is the second time we have come to Pontevedra, we were there in 2018 and we wanted to come again,” says Sandrine, from France. While others who have visited the streets of the historic center for the first time have flatly assured that they would return, because they did not expect that there would be so many places in the city to investigate, as Joana, from Portugal, stated.

Sandrine and Claude, spouses from France. | // JAVIER LIEUTENANT

Gastronomy becomes one of the highlights for all tourists. Visitors to the Pontevedra city assure that the gastronomy, the fish, is the best they have tasted, as indicated by Marco from Italy. But it is not only the food that attracts tourists the most, as the nature of the city stands out among passers-by. “Apart from the gastronomy, which is different. We like nature and the estuaries,” confirms Alberto, a resident of Toledo.

On the other hand, visitors claim that they receive pleasant treatment from every Pontevedra resident they speak to. Well, according to Pepi, from the Basque Country, the people of Pontevedra are welcoming people to tourists.

The low temperatures in the city produce a constant amount of tourism. “We fundamentally like the climate a lot. We come from an area where it is very hot. We enjoy the beaches here in Galicia and the climate,” highlights Santiago, from the province of Jaén. The characteristic weather of Pontevedra causes satisfaction among visitors who come to the city in search of a lower temperature.

The reforms and changes in Pontevedra are obvious to tourists. Visitors who come to the city again notice that the streets of Pontevedra are not as they remembered them. Pedestrian zones and increased care for the city’s heritage are something that cannot be overlooked. “We previously came on our own more than 20 years ago and we see that the streets have changed. There is more care and protection of cultural assets,” says Ángela, from Ávila.

There are many tourists who constantly visit the Pontevedra city after the recommendation of a family member and friend from the area. Visitors see with their eyes that everything their loved ones or acquaintances tell them about the Galician city is true. Well, according to Pepi from the Basque Country, one must go to Pontevedra to witness the nature and heritage of the place.

A hidden beauty

The artistic historical issue of Pontevedra is a barely discovered secret. According to Santiago from the Province of Jaén, the Pontevedra city hides an architecture and history greater than one can imagine. “We didn’t think that Pontevedra had the historical beauty that it has,” he highlights.

In addition to the history of the city, the stonework of the houses is a work of great note. The city’s ancestors have managed to produce heritage and buildings that are indestructible in the eyes of visitors. “What catches my attention the most are the stone houses that seem unbreakable,” says Pepi, from the Basque Country.

Although it may seem like a small city, Pontevedra is a tourist vacation destination. Well, according to Rosa, from Toledo, it would take a lot of time to get to know everything, because each corner has its time.

Despite the large number of tourists that circulate through the Pontevedra city, tranquility continues to surround the streets. “We were looking for something quieter than Sanxenxo and here we found it,” says Alberto, from Toledo. Therefore, Pontevedra increasingly becomes a stopping point for foreigners.

The churches, gastronomy and atmosphere of the city of Pontevedra have a positive impact on everyone who visits the city. In this way, Pontevedra increasingly becomes one of the most valued summer tourist destinations among foreigners.

A must-see stop on the Jacobean route

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela gives everyone who does it a new experience in their life. Walkers can observe different places and taste the gastronomy of the cities throughout their stages. Many pilgrims decide to travel fewer kilometers and be able to enjoy the views of the place where they are. Well, according to Bjorn from Denmark, they want to take the Camino more calmly even if it takes them more days and enjoy the gastronomy and heritage of the place. Pontevedra is one of the destinations on the Camino de Santiago. This stop in the city of Pontevedra, due to the pilgrims’ itineraries, produces a greater amount of tourism for the city. This increase in visitors to the streets of Pontevedra is causing great benefits, especially on an economic level, since there are many businesses that benefit from this factor. The Camino de Santiago leaves an open door to all pilgrims who wish to discover the city of Pontevedra and its most hidden corners.

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