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Polish President Ready to Keep Nuclear Weapons, Says Warsaw – Latest News.


President Poland Andrzej Duda he said his country was ready to keep nuclear weapons, if the alliance Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided to use these weapons when a Russia strengthening arsenal in Belarus and Kaliningrad.

As reported AFPOn Monday (22/4/2024), President Duda made this statement in the latest interview with the Polish local daily, Fakt, which was published on Monday (22/4) local time.

It is known that Poland, a NATO member country and a true supporter of Ukraine, shares land borders with Kaliningrad, which is a Russian esclave, and with Belarus, which is an ally. to Moscow.

“If our friends decide to deploy nuclear weapons in our region as part of nuclear sharing, to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, we are ready to do so,” President Duda said in the interview.

He spoke to Polish media after visiting New York, United States of America (US), where he held a meeting at the United Nations (UN) and discussed the war in Ukraine with former US President Donald Trump.

Last March, President Duda visited Washington DC and met with President Joe Biden.

President Duda said that talks about nuclear cooperation between Poland and the US had been going on “for some time”.

“I have discussed this several times. I have to admit, when I was asked about this, I said we were willing,” he said.


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