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Police show scammers get hundreds of Bogor students entangled with Pinjol


Police named Siti Anisa Nasution (SAN) as a suspect under the guise of fraud bogus investments which makes hundreds of students in Bogor entangled in online loans (pinjol). SAN exposed to the public.

Iman Imanuddin, Deputy Chief Commissioner of Bogor Police, conducted a press conference exposing the case of alleged fraud by SAN. SAN was shown to the public wearing a blue Bogor police detention shirt.

SAN was accompanied by two female police officers when he was introduced at the press conference venue at Bogor Police Headquarters on Friday (18/11/2022). SAN seemed to keep looking down and show a gloomy face.

The police showed a number of pieces of evidence related to the fraud case. The evidence included passbooks, ATM cards and car keys.

Police introduced Siti Anisa Nasution (SAN), a fraud suspect under the guise of a fraudulent investment that left hundreds of students in Bogor in debt. (M Sholihin/detik.com)

In this case, the police also seized 1 car unit as evidence. The police also showed screenshots of the online store in the online shopping and selling application.

Cheating students to pay off loan debt

SAN was arrested at Kebun Raya Residence, Ciomas, Bogor Regency on Thursday (17/11) early this morning. SAN did not resist when the police arrested him.

According to the suspect’s confession, the perpetrators stole money from Bogor students to pay off a series of debts. However, the police still don’t know the exact amount of debt SAN has.

“He admits he has a lot of debt, personal needs to pay for the car,” Iman said.

Police are still investigating the SAN fraud. He suspects SAN is in debt.

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