Police Share Hilarious Twitter Thread About ‘Dangerous’ Geese

Police shared a hilarious Twitter thread about “dangerous” geese, sparking a wave of jokes and puns.

Police officers working in the Peel region of Ontario, Canada, took to the social media platform on Sunday to issue a warning to residents.

The official account, called Peel Regional Police, initially sent a tweet with the title “dangerous condition”, all in capital letters.

They confirmed that there were about 20 birds trying to cross a street near the intersection of Steeles Avenue and First Gulf Boulevard in Brampton.

Although it initially sounded like a serious alert, the tweet read: “DANGEROUS CONDITION: Report of 15-20 geese on the road. You seem to get goose bumps when trying to cross the street. Officer on the way to take a look and try to help. “

The account later shared an update, and they uploaded a photograph of the geese, photographed grazing in the grass.

– Steeles Ave / First Gulf Blvd, #Brampton
– Report of 15-20 geese on the road
– You seem to get goose bumps when trying to cross the road
– Officer on the way to take a look and try to help
– C / R a las 3:31 p. m.
– PR21-0205195

– Peel Regional Police (@PeelPolice) June 13, 2021

“The officer has located the geese. Stay tuned for more,” the publication said.

The tweets began to garner attention online as police shared a third update, this time with images of the long line of birds.

The author joked: “The officer tried to encourage the geese not to play near the road. Negotiations have collapsed and they started crossing the street. We facilitated their safe passage through Steeles Ave. When asked for what crossed the street, they said it was chicken day off … “

And for anyone concerned that geese are in trouble, the Cst. Akhil Mooken, who describes himself as the Peel Police Media and Public Relations Officer, confirmed: “No fines were issued. Just a stern speaking. From a safe distance …”

Mooken shared an additional update on birds, writing: “It’s all in one day’s work here at @ PeelPolice. We not only help keep residents and property safe at @regionofpeel, but the animals as well!

“Although I couldn’t figure out why the chicken crossed the street, I could. It’s a short summary.


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