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Police, former boxer, makes a one-day plan to pull 3 women in a row Police report 5 heavy charges Relief villagers

Police, 33, former boxer, made a plan to point out the confession after one day of the crime, hauling 3 girls in a row. Police report five heavy charges while the villagers are relieved.

Case of Mr. Nam Petch Phurat, age 33, former Thai boxer A motorcycle patrol took 3 young women on the same day. Within the Kalasin Municipality Before hurting the victim By slapping and kicking until he is injured And carried into the motorcycle until a good citizen came to help Therefore narrowly escaped

The incident occurred on the night of December 13, after the incident, the victim reported the incident to Muang Kalasin Police Station. Along with posting warning messages on social media Until the police were able to catch up with three cars With motorcycle used to cause the accident

Most recently, at 12:00 noon on December 15, 2020, Pol. Maj. Gen. Somnuk Mikwan, Deputy Chief of Police, Kalasin, ordered Pol. Lt. Col. Suthep Phu Kanha, Deputy Pol. KG. (Investigation), Muang Kalasin Police Station Together with the investigation officer of the 3 cases, jointly detained Mr. Nam Petch Point out the cause to make a plan for the confession. With a police force for investigation Kalasin Province Patrol and traffic Muang Kalasin Police Station Facilitate and maintain security

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The first point of the accused at 11.00 am on Dec 13 in front of a school in Kalasin city. The accused had already parked the motorcycle and pretended to deceive and ask a 15-year-old female student before getting out of the car and carrying the girl. But the victim struggled until he lost his hand And cause the car to fall The accused hurriedly rode away. At this point, CCTV footage clearly recorded the incident.


The second stop, at about 8:30 p.m., the culprit chased a 21-year-old woman from Aphai Road to a restaurant Pak Tai Road, Pradit Road, Kalasin Municipality. About 300 meters from the first point before going down to hurt the victim. By slapping and kicking, then hauling into the motorcycle, taking to Ban Don Ya Nang, Don Somboon Subdistrict, Yang Talat District

It is about 20 km from where the victims were carried and stopped at the grocery store in the village. Until a good citizen came to help And harming good citizens Before the victims ran to seek help from villagers and police arrived, the assailant rode away.

For the third point, the accused of riding the motorcycle returned to the scene again at 00.00 hrs, trying to pull a 30-year-old woman at the intersection into Kud Nam Kin Park, about a distance from Kalasin Bus Terminal. 500 meters, but the victims yell for help. Until a good citizen can help in time The frightened villain quickly rode the car away. But brought the victim’s mobile phone as well

However, after the plan is finished The officer brought the investigation officer to prosecute according to the law. Initial notification of 5 counts consisted of indecency, detention, assault, robbery and drug abuse.

Sen. Krisana Radthee, 38 years old, Donya Village Headman, Moo 8, Don Somboon Sub-district, Yang Talat District, Kalasin Province said that on the day of the incident, he heard a woman shouting for help. Therefore hurried to come to see that the villain was in a fight with a good citizen Which is his own villager who went to help In which the criminals used a knuckle to punch a good citizen, hurt 1 person before all the villagers gradually came out to help try to stop and ask to release the young woman, but it did not work.

Until during the chaos The girl squirmed and hurriedly ran away. Together with the police arriving The villain hurried to ride the motorcycle to escape. However, after the culprit was arrested, the villagers were deeply relieved. Because in the past, such people often like to cause rampage and intimidation until the villagers are afraid of being attacked as well.

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