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Police Ford has an engine from a 27.0 V12 tank of almost five times the power

The propulsion of the tank was scarce, so the original car mechanic connected two huge turbos. The engine is terrifying, but it works and gives police Ford a chance to succeed in Bugatti Veyron.

Among the terribly modified DIY prototypes, the unusual sedan stands out from the line with its surprising brand, origin, focus, performance and workmanship. The four-door Ford Crown Vic Interceptor began as a police officer in the United States before traveling to Sweden, where he got a working tank engine.

Owner Daniel Werner is not like his companions modifying impoverished Bavarians, Mercedes, Honda or Skoda, the rescuer of a decommissioned police Ford started from the floor. The engine compartment consisted of a 27-liter forked twelve-cylinder Rolls-Royce with a series output of around 550 to 600 hp (405 to 441 kW). Combat propulsion was powered by two turbochargers capable of inflating power almost five times, the final value should ideally reach about 2,500 horsepower (1,839 kW).

The uncompromising engine room did not fit under the factory hood, and Werner had an even larger military unit in its sights (a 37-liter Rolls-Royce Griffon engine used in fighters). Looking at the loaded front axle, the smaller Merlin, sold second-hand as a Lego kit for adults, may have been a good choice. The shipment was delivered from neighboring Finland, where the collector collected dozens of Merlins bought from soldiers who crossed the battlefield with the British V12 until the 1970s.

The former Rolls-Royce tank engine has appeared several times as part of a bold project, only Werner progressed to double supercharging with Borgwarner S500SX turbochargers. The installation was supplemented by new injection, electronic ignition, lubrication with a dry box, and it is time to increase the speed limiter to 4,000 rpm.

The front grille with space for Merlin components was grafted onto the standard Ford ladder frame. Custom damping prevents the bow from sinking into the ground, because The Meteor Interceptor weighs a total of over two tons and of that the engine has over 770 kilograms above the front wheels. The adapted chassis holds, and thanks to the adjustable suspension, the total weight ratio is 55.8% and 44.2% between the front and rear axles – which is surprisingly not as far from the factory settings as might be expected.

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