Police burned and killed dozens of victims


The horror of the anti-government demonstration Peru claimed dozens of victims. A policeman who was on patrol was attacked and then burned during this demonstration.

Here are the horrific facts about the rally in Peru:

1. The police burned by the crowd

As reported Associated pressWednesday (11/1/2023), the horrific incident occurred when police officer Jose Luis Soncco Quispe, 29, was on patrol with another police officer in Juliaca, a town near the border Peru with Bolivia and Lake Titicaca, Monday (9/1) evening local time.

The two were suddenly attacked by a mob. The mob then set their vehicle on fire.

Soncco’s patrol partner Ronald Villasante Toque survived the attack. Villasante was rushed to a hospital in the capital Lima with multiple head injuries after being beaten by a crowd.

Villasante said he and Soncco were “captured and attacked by about 350 protesters”. He admits that he is unaware of what happened in Soncco after the attack.

Prime Minister (PM) Alberto Otarola confirmed Soncco’s death during a session of the Peruvian Congress. He said the two policemen were attacked by protesters.

“The police arrived at the scene of the incident and found that one of the policemen had been beaten and tied up, and another policeman, Luis Soncco Quispe, sadly passed away. He was burned alive in his police car,” he said. said Otarola in a statement.

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