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Police Aviation director arrested for alleged irregular purchase of masks

Director of Police Aviation was arrested for the alleged irregular purchase of health supplies to prevent the coronavirus, reported the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes of Corruption of Officials of Callao.

In a police operation, the General Alfredo Andrés Vildoso Rojas, two commanders, a lieutenant, an ensign and a lawyer. The preliminary detention is for a period of 15 days against the 6 involved.

“The Prosecutor’s Office handles the hypothesis that we are facing a criminal organization entrenched in the Police Aviation Directorate,” prosecutor Francisco Alarcón Solis told TV Peru.

The captures were made within the framework of the investigation into the alleged irregular acquisition of more than 20 thousand N95 masks and other biosecurity and cleaning products against COVID-19 for the staff of the Police Aviation Directorate (Diravpol). Products were acquired from the company Ka’linson Peru.

It was reported that the masks would not be suitable for police personnel who must transfer the sick or deceased from coronavirus.

Those implicated would be accused of crimes against the public administration such as aggravated collusion, criminal organization and the crime of obstruction of justice to the detriment of the State.

The Prosecutor’s Office detailed that the detainees are the Chief of Police Aviation, General PNP Alfredo Andrés Vildoso Rojas; the head of the Air Safety Division, commander PNP Oscar Arones Canova; the head of the Logistics Area, commander PNP Omar Romel Puente Auccapoma; the head of the Contracting Area, Ensign PNP Pool Jhansen Olortegui Yauli; the former Chief of Logistics, Lieutenant Leonardo David Oblitas Bozovich and the lawyer Miguel Eduardo Vásquez Neyra.

The arrest of the head of the General Store, Major PNP Jesús Ernesto Benancio Cisneros; of the lawyer Luisa Fabiola Carrillo Vásquez and the provider, Patrick Alonzo Oblitas Bozovich.

In a statement, the National Police reiterated its commitment to collaborate with the Public Ministry in the investigations that are being carried out and guaranteed an impartial investigation into the events that involve police personnel.

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