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Helen (8) from Bavaria received mail from Elizabeth II († 96) |

The Queen’s Last Letter

When Elizabeth II († 96) died on September 8, Elena (8) was very sad. And then she suddenly got the mail!

The girl from Auerbach (Bavaria) has often been on holiday in England with her English mother (43) and father (39) and has become a fan of the Queen. Helena congratulated Elizabeth II of her on the 70th anniversary of her throne in June of her, sending her two self-made photos and a letter:

Two painted pictures and a love letter: Elena (8) from Bavaria congratulated the queen on the 70th anniversary of the throne. Now he has surprisingly received a card from her

Photo: private

“Dear queen, I wish you the best anniversary, your corgis are the best dogs in the world. Your Helena.” He waited three months for an answer.

Then, two days after the queen’s death, she was surprised to receive a note with the queen’s thanks. Her postmark is September 7, the day before her death.

“I was very happy with the card”, Helena tells BILD am SONNTAG: “I hang it on the wall of my room”.

The British succession infographic

video-heading">THE moment in the video The queen is lowered into the crypt

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This article comes from BILD am SONNTAG. The ePaper of the entire issue is available here.

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