Police Arrest 20 Suspects of TransJakarta Bus Stop Burners, Oh Turns out

The Transjakarta bus stop at the HI Roundabout caught fire during a demonstration against the Job Creation Law in the Jalan MH Thamrin area, Jakarta, Thursday (8/10/2020). Photo: ANTARA PHOTO / Dhemas Reviyanto / aww

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Polda Metro Jaya has arrested and named 20 suspects in the case of vandalism and burning of a number of public facilities such as the TransJakarta bus stop during a riotous demonstration against the Omnibus Law in Jakarta a few days ago.

“The latest development of the Polda Metro Jaya has detained 20 suspects of destroying bus stops, public facilities and police posts along Jalan Jenderal Sudirman,” said Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General Nana Sudjana at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, Monday.

Overall Polda Metro Jaya has named as many as 131 suspects in the rioting on October 8 and 2020 and October 13, 2020. Of these 131 people, 69 have been detained, 20 of them are incinerators of public facilities.

“Until now, Polda Metro Jaya has named 131 people as suspects, then as many as 69 have been detained,” he said.

Then according to health protocols, Polda Metro Jaya officers carried out a quick test of the rioters who were secured and found some people with COVID-19 reactive.

“The results of yesterday’s examination were we conducted a rapid test of several demonstrators who were secured, first 36 reactive, second 47 reactive so quite a lot,” he said.

The rioters who are reactive to COVID-19 are currently undergoing quarantine at an isolation facility in Pademangan, North Jakarta, for a swab test.

Nana explained that the suspects were dominated by students. Apart from students, the other suspects were students and unemployed.


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