Police and Civil Guard will reinforce the surveillance of the perimeter closures in Asturias | BE Gijón | Today for Today Gijón

The Security Forces and Bodies will reinforce the surveillance to guarantee the compliance of the perimeter closure of the councils of Laviana, San Martín del Rey Aurelio and Langreo, which will be in force as of next midnight, as agreed at a meeting of the Operational Coordination Center chaired this Friday by the Government delegate in Asturias, Delia Losa .

In it meeting has worked in the coordination of the National Police, the Civil Guard and the local police to reinforce surveillance at the points of entry and exit of the councils, as is already done in Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés, where the perimeter closures have been in force since last October 24.

Losa, who has grateful “the intense effort” that carried out by these bodies since last March, has remarked that there is “three essential factors” to stop the pandemic, “the social responsibility of each person, the health measures that are put in place and the actions and protocols that are established to apply and respect the rules.”

At the meeting, Losa also conveyed to the representatives of the city councils and the State Security Forces and Bodies the importance of remind the population of the procedure when calling a concentration.

According to the Right of Assembly, whenor any group plans to call a public gathering of more than twenty people, it must notify the Government Delegation with a period of ten days in advance or 24 hours in the case of an urgent call.

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