Poland’s Decision to Halt Arms Supplies to Ukraine Amidst Grain Dispute

Poland’s Decision to Halt Arms Supplies to Ukraine Amidst Grain Dispute

The US Department of Defense said that Poland’s decision to stop providing arms to Ukraine is a sovereign decisionCNN reports.

“We have always said it is a sovereign decision for each country to decide what level of support they will provide,” Pentagon Press Secretary Brigadier General Patrick Ryder said at a briefing.

Ryder did not say whether it would prompt other nations to provide more to Ukraine. But take into account the help that Poland has already provided.

“Poland is one of the leading countries when it comes to providing security assistance to Ukraine – and not just security assistance, but also in terms of providing significant humanitarian assistance and support to more than one million displaced Ukrainians who have gone in Poland as a result of the Russian invasion,” he said.

Poland will send Ukraine only the already promised weapons

Relations between the two countries were strained over the grain dispute

We recall that Poland announced earlier on Thursday that will only fulfill the arms deliveries previously agreed with Ukraine. This is the spokesman of the Polish government, Piotr Müller.

His statement came a day after Polish rulers announced the end of arms supplies to Kiev amid the grain controversy.

“Poland will only carry out pre-agreed deliveries of ammunition and armaments. Including those resulting from contracts signed with Ukraine,” Mueller explained.

He expressed concern over “a series of absolutely unacceptable statements and diplomatic gestures” by the Ukrainian side, despite having “the largest foreign contract since 1989 concluded with the Polish arms industry.”

Poland announced that intends to end arms supplies to Ukraine in the background of the strained relations between the two countries because of Warsaw’s ban on the import of Ukrainian grain and what followed legal action by Kyiv before the World Trade Organization.

During the 19 months of the war in Ukraine, Poland was one of the closest allies of Kiev, assisting in the transit and accommodation of refugees, as well as the supply and movement of arms for the Ukrainian armed forces through its territory.

Poland halts arms supplies to Ukraine

Tension in the face of Russian aggression

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