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Podcast De Dag: Ronald Plasterk, ‘the contrary icebreaker’

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Ten years ago, Geert Wilders called Ronald Plasterk the ‘Minister of Vanity’, but he now praises him for his free, creative spirit. He will need a creative mind as a scout in this week of truth, because next week there must be a workable proposal for the formation and for the time being the puzzle seems unsolvable.

Although Plasterk initially did not seem to be an obvious choice as a scout, he may have the qualities needed to break the political impasse and possibly even break the ice between Pieter Omtzigt and Geert Wilders in particular, says investigative journalist Kim van Keken in this podcast. She made a major profile about him for Vrij Nederland and explains how Plasterk understands the art of ‘ice breaking’ well. But is he also a connector?

Presentation: Elisabeth Steinz

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