Rai Presenter Warned by Colleague; Tender Attitudes and Company Troubles

“Don’t try it with my man”, the Rai presenter was thus warned by her colleague. The two caught in tender attitudes.

There is never, ever peace for the Viale Mazzini company. Since it was confirmed in late spring, by the interested party himself, of Fabio Fazio to Rai after the beauty of 40 years of collaboration, the chatter it got stronger and stronger. Furthermore, the exit of Bianca Berlinguerwhich arrived today on Mediaset, left most people dumbfounded.

Even Corrado Augias who has worked there practically all his life is packing his bags and now there is a lot of fear that he will too Francesca Fagnani want to imitate him. Pino Teachwhich apparently was to be seen as an all-star in terms of hosting the current television season, made a flop, and a sensational one at that, with its Merchant at the Faira.

Because of this it seems that his collaboration is put at serious risk The legacy which for many years has been conducted with enormous success by Flavio Insinna who, for his part, has sworn loyalty to the Company. Serena Bortone on Rai 3 with his new talk he fails to take flight and Caterina Balivo con The right time it can’t beat the competition.

“Don’t try it with my man”, the Rai presenter warned by her colleague

However, this tour is also giving great satisfaction Alberto Matano con Life Live which literally tears every day Afternoon Five which he will see at his helm starting from September 2023 Myrta Merlino. Fiction always gets excellent acclaim and now it has Anna Valle con Leah and her children 2 to win many hearts.

The fact is that now there is another big problem to solve the Rai top management. There is talk of the fact that a well-known and beloved presenter had the unhealthy idea of put your hands on someone else’s man. Another who, deeply irritated, if not completely furious, gave her a very strong warning: “Don’t hit on my man”.

Belen e Mara RomaIT.it

Mara Venier embraces Elio Lorenzoni, the delightful little scene with Belen

It’s actually a joke. The presenter in question is the splendid one Mara Come which we find every Sunday at the helm of its historian Sunday In. The evening before hosting the divine in his Sunday living room Belen Rodriguez for a heart-to-heart interview that was particularly anticipated, the two went to dinner together. Also present Elio Lorenzonithe new partner of the Argentine showgirl.

The Aunt she posed for a nice shot with him too. They were both smiling and she had her arms around him from behind her. Then the artist also posed with the same Belen which in a home and sports outfit is still enchanting. The two are for the truth very good friends. They have known each other for a long time and it seems that the Venier has been particularly close to her even in recent times.

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