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PM corporal is surrounded and his pistol is stolen in Vale das Pedrinhas

PM corporal has gun stolen shortly after leaving relatives’ house in Vale das Pedrinhas. Credit: Marina Silva/CORREIO

A Military Police corporal had his weapon stolen by criminals shortly after leaving his relatives’ house in Vale das Pedrinhas, on Friday night (08). He was on a motorcycle when he was surrounded by four armed men, who took his privately owned .380 pistol. The neighborhood is part of the Complexo do Nordeste de Amaralina, controlled by the Comando Vermelho (CV) faction, one of the largest in the state, and which in November this year was the target of a mega-operation by the Public Security Secretariat (SSP/BA). The PM suffered nothing.

The police officer, who works in the 18th Battalion (Historic Center), was on Rua do Eco, when he was surprised by the criminals at around 8 pm. “He told us that he lived there for many years and went to visit some relatives. When he was leaving, he decided to stop the motorcycle and talk to a couple of friends, when he was approached”, said the commander of the 18th BG, Lieutenant Colonel Agnaldo Ceita.

In the version presented to the battalion, the PM said that the criminals approached and searched him. “(He) did not make it clear whether the four elements announced a robbery and then took the pistol or if they just went to take the weapon. The corporal said that they left shortly after,” reported Ceita, who was surprised by the fact. “PM units are constantly attacked by drug traffickers in the Complex. We have already requested images from the cameras to help with the investigation”, said the commander.

What also caught Ceita’s attention was the fact that the police officer registered the case at the Digital Police Station. “It was not a theft of a document, of a card, but of a weapon and due to the complexity, it would be at a (physical) police station”, he explained. CORREIO contacted the Civil Police. In a note, the PC reported that: “We carried out in-depth research to find records about this alleged situation involving a PM, but we also did not find any occurrence.”

In the app groups there are reports that the bandits were members of the CV and that they were carrying rifles. “He didn’t tell us that,” said the commander. The corporal will be formally heard at the 18th BG, this Monday (11). He will also be asked why he did not contact the SSP’s Integrated Communication Center (Cicom). “His colleagues nearby could go after the criminals and recover the weapon,” said Ceita.

In conversations still shared in social groups, they realize that the corporal was not armed when approached by the criminals, which would have prevented a tragedy. Another version says that he was at a loud party and, at the end of the party, he was surrounded by criminals, who took the pistol. CORREIO contacted the Civil Police to find out the progress of the investigations, but so far has had no response.

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