Watch Dogs: Legion will not be further developed

We have news for fans Watch Dogs: Legion. Company Ubisoft stallionthat has completed the development of this game. The recently released Title Update 5.6 was the last one for this production. Yesterday, the fourth season in multiplayer mode is over and it will start drunk. After its end, previous seasons will be repeated.

Watch Dogs: Legion debuted in October 2020, so the game was backed for fifteen months. This is a good result compared to general industry standards, but weak when compared to other major Ubisoft productions.

It must be admitted, however, that after the premiere Watch Dogs: Legion got a lot of new content. A comprehensive appendix has been released Bloodline, the game also gained a co-op mode and multiplayer PvP battles. Players could also have fun in special missions, such as a robbery inspired by the series House of Paper.

You want fresh sensations in Watch Dogs: Legion? Wyprbuj mod Scripthook.

Unfortunately, we cannot count on the fans to develop the game. The Nomad group has released Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHookthat allows you to load your own scripts, but no one will use that to develop interesting mods. The project, however, is noteworthy for the production community as it offers many possibilities of changing the settings and the game world, well beyond what traditional trainers allow. Thanks to it, we can, for example, freely recall various types of objects, control traffic or use an extensive photographic system.

  1. Watch_Dogs Legion ScriptHook – pobierz mod

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