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Plastun: The New Innovation in Light Multi-Purpose Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles


Plastun light multi-purpose tracked all-terrain vehicle (Crawler). Photo/sputnik

MOSCOW – ARMY-2023 International Military and Technical Forum, during the dynamic presentation of Russian military technologies to international guests, launched a new innovation of light multi-purpose tracked all-terrain vehicle “Plastun” (“Crawler”).

Why is it Named Plastun? In Imperial Russia, “plastun” referred to a reconnaissance squad consisting of Kuban Cossacks (similar to some extent to modern army special forces).

The Plastun team was formally formed in 1842. Joining them was no easy task, as it required physical strength, endurance, hunting skills, patience and the ability to “go untraceable” as much as possible.

Often, these Cossack scouts moved silently on all fours on their bellies during combat operations. The army term “crawling like plastun” comes from this reconnaissance tactic.

The Russian-designed multi-purpose light all-terrain vehicle inherits the quiet, mobility and inconspicuous qualities of the living and breathing “plastun”. That is why it is named in their honor.

Advantages of All Terrain Vehicles

The company “Russian All-Terrain Vehicles Plastun” developed the vehicle. The company’s CEO and candidate for technical sciences, Eric Sagymbayev, talks about the advantages of the vehicle in an exclusive interview with Sputnik.

“There is a great demand for such vehicles on the Russian market. The advantage of non-metallic all-terrain vehicles is that they can go anywhere. They can drive on any type of terrain with a low load-bearing capacity, be it on different types of soil, asphalt or concrete, without destroying the road or turning it into a tank lane,” he said.

According to Eric Sagymbayev, from the start they aimed to maximize the use of Russian components in their vehicles.

“The 1.6-liter, 106-horsepower gasoline engine and 5-speed manual transmission in our all-terrain vehicle are made by AvtoVAZ. They are specially adapted for tracked vehicles. In addition, spare parts from UAZ and GAZ vehicles are widely used,” he said.

He added, “In other words, Plastun’s all-terrain vehicle is more than 90% localized. Can be repaired with standard parts from an auto parts store. In addition, we cooperated with the Central Scientific Research Institute of Automotive and Automotive Engines ‘NAMI,’ which allowed us to test ‘Plastun’ in their laboratory and test site.”

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