Placido Domingo resigns from Los Angeles opera house after harassment


Famous Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, accused of sexual harassment by several women, has resigned from his post as director general of the Los Angeles opera house, several American media reported on Wednesday.

“The recent accusations against me in the media have created an atmosphere that prevents me from being useful to this business that I love so much,” said the 78-year-old singer in a statement sent to American media. “Although I will continue to try to restore my reputation, I have decided that it is better for the Los Angeles opera house that I quit my duties as general manager and give up my scheduled performances for now”, a he added.

Placido Domingo, who refutes the accusations against him, said he took “with a heavy heart” the decision to abandon the management of this institution, which he had occupied since 2003. He had already given up last week to perform at Metropolitan Opera in New York, where he was expected in a new production of “Macbeth” by Giuseppe Verdi.

In an investigation published in mid-August by the Associated Press agency, nine women, including one with an open face, claimed to have been sexually harassed by the tenor, starting in the late 1980s. These women spoke of inappropriate gestures and insistent calls, one of which indicated that he had sex with him for fear of jeopardizing his career.

The Associated Press released a second investigation on September 7, claiming that eleven other women, who also claimed to be victims, had come forward since the first revelations. The Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera had canceled their performances, scheduled this season, as soon as the charges were made public.

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