PKK claimed responsibility! Treason fire

HatayA forest fire broke out at around 10.15 am the previous day in a region close to the settlement between TOKİ and İssume, the rural Sarımazı district of Belen district. Due to wind up to 70 kilometers per hour fire has grown in a short time. Due to the strong wind, the flames were hardly intervened from the air. The settlements threatened by the flames were evacuated. In Sarımazı District, police teams made an announcement and demanded that the houses be evacuated and vehicles be removed. The residents of the neighborhood fled with their belongings that they could afford. The fire also reached the borders of Arsuz district and İskenderun district. Some houses and workplaces in Arsuz district and a factory in Nardüzü quarter burned down.


The fires in Hatay and Kahramanmaraş were taken under control yesterday. However, the forest fire that broke out yesterday in Ayşe Pınarı Musalar locality in Andırın district of Kahramanmaraş grew in a short time with the effect of the wind. In the controlled fire, 35 hectares burned. The fire that broke out yesterday in the countryside of Andırın Kuzgun Mahallesi was taken under control at night. The teams continued to intervene in the forest fire that broke out in Hatay Belen on Friday. AFAD announced that it evacuated 542 people in the fires.


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Wildlife suffered greatly in the fires. A citizen would drink water with his hands to the turtle, which he saved from the flames by putting his life in danger.

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Fire in Hatay, Turkey until today in many parts of the terrorist organization responsible for the fire has claimed the PKK. The terrorists who burn forests and slaughter nature on behalf of the PKK call themselves the “Children of Fire Initiative”.


Yakup Akman, who set a fire in the Aydos Forest in Pendik on September 19, 2019 on behalf of the PKK terrorist organization, was caught with the report of the citizens. Yakup Akman, who was tried at the 36th High Criminal Court of Istanbul, was sentenced to life imprisonment for “destroying the unity of the state and the integrity of the country” and to 25 years in prison and a judicial fine of 20 thousand TL for “burning the forest of the state within the framework of an armed terrorist organization”.



Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that there were 15 fires yesterday and said, “I can say that 9 forest fires and 6 rural fires have been taken under control. Works continue at Hatay Belen, ”he said. Minister Pakdemirli said: “The fire in Hatay occurred in an area of ​​300-400 hectares. Nergizlik, Muftis, Karahüseyinli Neighborhoods and Belen district center were damaged by the fire. Meteorological conditions were adverse in firefighting. Over 70 kilometers of wind, combined with 18 percent humidity and 35 degrees temperature, created a challenge. We intervene in the fire with 1 aircraft, 5 helicopters, 188 fire engines, 25 heavy equipment and 750 personnel. We also shipped the Kartal helicopter, which can throw 15 tons of water, to the region. Reports are extremely important. Let’s remind our citizens about Alo 177. “

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‘There are detentions’

Providing information about the detentions regarding the possibility of sabotage in the fire, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Very serious suspicions of intent have emerged. Our governorship is conducting a multi-faceted investigation, 4 suspects were detained. 2 of them were released by the prosecutor’s office, 2 of them will be processed ”he said. Stating that damage assessment studies have started, Minister Pakdemirli said, “I met with our Minister of Interior. He stated that following these damage assessment studies, whether from AFAD fund or Presidency Administrative Affairs, certain payments will be made in order to heal the wounds as soon as possible ”. Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak made a statement on Twitter: “Our state is mobilized with all its means for the fire in Hatay.

542 people were evacuated;
– 7 apartments,
– 11 detached house,
– 14 workplaces,
– 8 factories,
– 4 vehicles,
– 3 depo,
– 35 beehives burned.


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