Pilar residents without water for one day and should only be replaced at 12 noon

Contrary to what was planned last night, the Funchal City Council is obliged to maintain the interruption of water supply to the Pilar area, to repair today between 9:30 and 12 noon.

On a daily basis, residents guarantee that they have been running tap water for 24 hours, not even for half an hour, which causes natural disruption.

According to a note from the Mayor, the intervention that should be urgent on the water network in the Pilar area was initially expected to last about four hours, after identifying the source of the rupture it was concluded that this is a problem caused in a private condominium. .

The identification was made during Sunday afternoon, so “the intervention in question will have to continue on Monday morning, so that the public supply network does not continue to be affected by it,” says the CMF. “The work will therefore imply an interruption in the water supply in the Pilar area between 9:30 am and 12 noon. The Municipality thanks everyone for their understanding, ”he says.

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