The developer called January 1 a bad day for Ethereum

Blockstream’s strategic development director and staunch bitcoin maximalist, Samson Mowe, called the Muir Glacier hard fork date on the Ethereum network unsuccessful.

The update is expected on the 9,200,000 block, which will be mined presumably on January 2, but depending on the speed of block production, it may fall on January 1.

According to Mou, in the early days of the New Year, the activity of the crypto community will be extremely low, if not zero at all.

According to Ethernodes, 66.9% of the total number of nodes are ready to upgrade the Ethereum network at the time of writing. A number of exchange employees and node operators may need to postpone the New Year celebration in order to provide update support.

Hardir Muir Glacier aims to delay activation of a complexity bomb by 4 million blocks. Ethereum holders should not do anything unless the exchange management or the cryptocurrency wallet administration asks for it.

Earlier, the leading developer of the Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson asked the node holders to update their software to December 30, 2019.

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