Phet Anuwat Boo Phet Tha Ruea Suek Phet Yindee

The results of weighing and observing the body in the battle of Petch Yindee Thursday, December 8, Ek Petch Anuwat couple, Anuwat Gym, meet Phet Tha Ruea, Kitkasem district, coordinate 115 lbs at Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium, starting at 18 :00 on True Four Channel.

Thai boxing “Suk Phet Yindee” Meeting on Thursday 8 December 2022, organized by Both Boat Promoter Nattadej Wachirarattanawong organized according to COVID-19 control measures In which the main couple is a meeting between Petch Anuwat Nor.Anuwat gym (red) meet with Phet Tha Ruea, Kitkasem district (blue) in the coordinates of 115 pounds

weighing results

Pair 1. Coordinates 107 lbs

🔴 Khunnarong Kraisirapop Boxing Gym weighs 107lbs according to the coordinates
🔵 Prasatchai Sitjomyuth, weighing 107 lbs according to the coordinates

Pair 2. Coordinates 129 lbs

🔴 The Kop Fighter Muay Thai, weighing 130.9 lbs, reduces by 1.9
🔵 Chao Phraya Phet Por Or.Or.Weight 129.3 lbs, 0.3 reduction

Pair 3. Coordinates 115 lbs

🔴 Phetsangsang Petcharoenwit weighs 115 lbs according to the coordinates.
🔵 Niroj Sor Boonmit, who weighs 115.1 lbs, shrinking by 0.1

Pair 4. Coordinates 115 lbs

🔴 Petch Anuwat, Anuwat Gym, weight of 115.2 lbs, reduction of 0.2
🔵 Phet Tha Ruea, Kitkasem District, 115.1 lb weight, 0.1 reduction

Pair 5. Matches £117

🔴 Wutidet Chor Chokcharoen 98 Farm Weighing 117lbs According to Coordinates
🔵 Apache four thousand diamonds weighing 117 pounds according to the coordinates

Pair 6. Coordinates 120 lbs

🔴Suea Sitchareonsap, weighing 120lbs according to the coordinates
🔵 Phet Thammarat Sakthawin, weighing 120 lbs according to the coordinates

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Pair 7. Coordinates 123 lbs

🔴 Bring the Thai Phet Nong Ki, weighing 123 pounds according to the coordinates
🔵 Phet Ngern Thong, Mor Si subdistrict, weight of 123.6 lbs, reduction of 0.6

Pair 8. Coordinates 138 lbs

🔴 Petch Burapha, Por. Lak Boon, weighing 138 pounds according to coordinates
🔵 Rak Surin K.Sa.Gym weighing 138lbs according to the coordinates

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