Petr Janda married a daughter! At other times, the rough rocker was soft, he sang ode to Eliška

The wedding took place in the Vysočina region. Eliška got married in a beautiful dress by Eliška Sabáčková and had a flower in her hair. She looked like a romantic fairy.

“It really suited Eliška. She looked really beautiful. She is tall, her husband Petr is also tall, so they got along very well, “he said Petr Janda.

Eliška was very beautiful

Source: Instagram

“I’ve never seen a nicer wedding in my life. It was really unique, amazing, in a hotel in the Vysočina region, which was secluded, so it was purely for our company, for family and friends, “added Janda, who was moved by the whole wedding.

But he was far from the only one. Eliška’s mother, Martina Jandová, who did not hide her emotions even on social networks, certainly had tears in her eyes.

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