Peter Volgin: The government of the “Coalition of Principles” does not deserve a hundred days of tolerance

/ The government of the “Coalition of Principles” does not deserve a hundred days of tolerance. It does not deserve even a day’s tolerance. Why? This notorious tolerance is given to governments that have yet to show what they intend to do and, of course, what they can do. And people, accordingly, observe and judge.

While we already know everything about the “principles”. They told us this themselves, even before they came to power. They will coordinate their every action with the embassy. They’re going to do a massive purge in all spheres. Yes, they won’t call it that, they will call it “reform”. But the essence will be this – dismissals of all inconvenient people. They will prepare the local elections with “their Ministry of Interior”. This is not a bleak scenario. All this PP told each other one to one. And DB absolutely agreed with their partners. So we don’t need any hundred days, ten days or one day to decide what this government is. We now know that this is a cabinet of Euro-Atlantic puppets and revengers. I don’t think there should be any tolerance for such people.

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