Democratic General Secretary to Meet with Anies’ Volunteer Group: What’s on the Agenda?


The Yellow Ijo Biru (KIB) Secretary of Defense, Anies’ volunteer, will meet the Democratic General Secretary, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (ME) this afternoon. What will AHY discuss with this group of Anies volunteers?

It is known that the meeting will be held at the Democratic DPP office, Central Jakarta, at 13.30 WIB. ME will receive directly the arrival of this KIB Secretariat at his office.

“We are certainly happy and welcome the planned arrival of the KIB Secretariat supporting Anies to meet Mas ME who is also the General Chair of the Democratic Party as one of the political parties supporting Anies in the Coalition for Change and Unity,” Democratic Deputy Secretary General Irwan Fecho told reporters, Wednesday (7/6/2023).

Irwan said AHY appreciated the visit of KIB Secretariat volunteers. He said the volunteer group consisted of cross-party political figures who would strengthen the Coalition for Change and Unity (KKP).

“Of course, Mr. AHY certainly appreciates this visit as well as gives enthusiasm to keep fighting so that Mr. Anies can be successful in the 2024 Presidential Election. However, the KIB Secretariat comes from cross-party political figures outside the Change and Unity coalition. This is certainly strengthening,” he said.

Irwan suspects that the visit of the KIB Secretariat is in order to convey support for Anies as the vice presidential candidate for KPP. Irwan assessed that this support would be even more concrete if it was also followed by support for AHY to become Anies’ vice presidential candidate.

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“I think the visit of the KIB Secretariat to Mas AHY in expressing support for Anies will certainly be even more concrete if it is accompanied by the support of friends from Kuning Ijo Biru as well as Mas AHY to become Mas Anies’ vice presidential candidate. Now that is even more solid,” he said.

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