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Not long after the death of his father-in-law and mother-in-law, the newlyweds filed for divorce and requested a division of the property inherited by his wife. (Image/Pixabay)

A mainland woman surnamed Kang recently inherited a huge inheritance of about 200 million yuan (approximately NT$880 million) from her parents. Unexpectedly, her husband, surnamed Wang, who had been married for only a year, suddenly filed for divorce, which shocked her. The lawyer said bluntly, “Do you think the inheritance left by your parents belongs to you alone?”

According to a report by the Chinese media “Shanghai Rule of Law”, Tan Fang, the head of Shanghai Jiayujia Law Firm, said that the woman surnamed Kang was a supervisor of a foreign company. Because she was busy with work, she was still single at the age of 28. They met by chance. The man surnamed Wang fell in love after being fiercely pursued by the other party, and got married soon after.

Unexpectedly, Kang Nu’s parents were involved in a car accident while traveling. After rescue, they were pronounced dead and left a large inheritance. Tan Fang revealed that half a year after Kang’s parents passed away, Kang’s daughter received a lawsuit from Wang for divorce on the grounds of personality incompatibility. Wang quickly moved out of the residence and cut off contact with her.

Kang Nu cried, “Lawyer, we have only been married for a year. He is very good to me. We have always been very happy. We have never had a quarrel. Why does he want to divorce me quietly?”

Tan Fang pointed out that she found out that Kang Nu’s grandparents and maternal grandparents had passed away. Since Kang Nu’s parents had not made a will before their death, their parents’ estate would be inherited in accordance with the law. Therefore, Kang Nu is currently the only legal heir. Inherit everything from your parents, so the answer is obvious.

Tan Fang explained to Kang Nu that according to the provisions of the Marriage Law, the property inherited during the marriage relationship is jointly owned by the husband and wife. “So, the inheritance you inherited is the joint property of you and Wang Nan. Have you ever thought about it, maybe Is this why your husband is in such a hurry to get a divorce?” Sure enough, soon after Kang Nu received a supplementary lawsuit from the court, Wang Nan requested a division of Kang Nu’s parents’ inheritance.

On the day of the trial, Kang Nu met Wang Nan, whom she hadn’t seen for many days, and couldn’t help but ask, “If you didn’t have so much inheritance, would you still divorce?” Wang Nan replied coldly, “We have no feelings for a long time. The death of your parents has nothing to do with it.” Kang Nu asked, “Then why do you want to divide the inheritance my parents left me?” Wang Nan said, “Why? Our marriage certificate.”

Tan Fang said bluntly, “In order to avoid the above situation from happening, we suggest that parents should make a will and state in the will that only the children will inherit it, not as joint property of the couple. Through advance planning, this kind of tragedy may not happen. .”

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