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Zexy uses a same-sex couple in an ad for the first time.30th anniversary of publication, large billboard at Shibuya Station

Zexy advertisement installed at JR Shibuya Station on December 1st. The photo was taken around 8am on December 1st.

Photography: Kotaro Yokoyama

On December 1, 2023, Zexy, a marriage information service operated by Recruit, began placing advertisements featuring same-sex couples and common-law couples near JR Shibuya Station.

Zexy was launched in May 1993. As the company celebrated its 30th anniversary in May 2023, it changed its catchphrase to “As long as you’re happy, that’s fine.” It also featured a sexual minority person in an ad for the first time.

8 couples including gay couples were selected.

Zexy Advertisement

Zexy’s 30th anniversary campaign featured eight couples as models.

Provided by: Zexy

Eight couples were featured in the advertisement commemorating the 30th anniversary of the publication. In addition to married couples, lesbian couples, gay couples, and common-law couples appear.

The type of advertisement will vary depending on the period, and will be displayed around JR Shibuya Station from December 1st to 15th, at Harajuku WILDPOSTING from December 11th to 24th, and at Tsutaya Bookstore in Nakameguro from December 5th to January 5th, 2024. .

Special feature on “common-law marriage” in the April issue

Editor-in-chief photo

Oriko Morina, general editor-in-chief of Zexy. She became in charge of Zexy in 2009 and became Zexy editor-in-chief in 2013. She has been in her current position since 2021.

Photography: Kotaro Yokoyama

“When same-sex couples get married, I’ve heard stories like, “It was difficult to explain not only to my parents but also my grandmother,” and “I was heartbroken because of the cold reaction from the wedding venue.” There are people who have given up on that. That’s how we came up with this campaign.”

So says Zexy General Editor-in-Chief, Oriko Morina.

Zexy is said to be synonymous with marriage, but recently it has been actively focusing on ways of marriage that are different from traditional marriage.

The special feature in the April 2023 issue focuses on common-law marriage for the first time. She introduced the voices of couples who chose common-law marriage instead of legally marrying because of their different surnames, the difference between common-law marriage and legal marriage, and the procedures involved in common-law marriage.


Source: “Marriage Procedures and Notification Support Book” (Zexy April 2023 issue)

Regarding this special feature, a female reader who chose common-law marriage said, “I was concerned about the culture of changing surnames and always writing the groom’s name first.” They say they received a lot of feedback, including emails.

In addition, in the issue released in May 2023, “Fufu no basic oathThis project aims to introduce a new concept to the act of writing down the commitment of two people who have decided to live together, with not only couples considering marriage but also common-law couples and same-sex couples in mind. “We proposed this as part of a unique culture.”

Zexy has changed with the times

zexy photo

Photography: Kotaro Yokoyama

“Zexy has a 30-year history of continuing to appeal to the changing times.”says Mori.

According to Mori, when the magazine was first published in 1993, it was not uncommon for parents to choose the wedding venue, but times have since changed to couples choosing the venue themselves.

In addition, in 2009, the company created a “zexy for grooms” as there was a strong belief that “weddings are prepared by the bride.”

From 2013“Zexy when you propose.”Using the catchphrase, the company has shifted from the image of searching for a wedding venue to providing information that includes the earlier stage of “marriage preparation.”

“Since 2017, we have used the phrase “a time when you can be happy without getting married” in our commercials.

There are various forms of marriage, not just sexual minorities, such as international marriage, age difference marriage, and remarriage. As we launch our 30th anniversary campaign, we wanted to support people who are facing various barriers to marriage.” (Mr. Mori)

The issue of same-sex marriage may become difficult to see

Zexy Advertisement

An advertisement placed near JR Shibuya Station on December 1st. There is also a saying, “You don’t have to get married.”

Photography: Kotaro Yokoyama

In June 2023, Recruit, which operates Zexy, will participate in the “Business for Marriage Equality” campaign to recruit companies that support marriage equality in Japan.express supportare doing.

However, like this campaign, which includes same-sex couples and proclaims that “as long as you are happy, that’s fine,” it also obscures the issue of same-sex marriage in Japan.

Same-sex marriage is not recognized by law in Japan, and unlike common-law marriages for male-female couples, they are not given the same options. Since the assumptions are different, they cannot be expressed in the same way.

“I think it’s difficult to change the law right away.

However, many couples believe that weddings have meaning because they are same-sex couples who cannot legally marry. There are many voices saying that there is not enough information to do this, and we would like to answer those voices.” (Mr. Mori)

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