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Parents’ association calls for change after PISA results

After the sharp drop in performance of German students in the international comparative study Pisa, the Bavarian Parents’ Association (BEV) has called for quick and extensive consequences.

What is needed is a “rethinking of a flexible, efficient and equitable education system – from early childhood education to university graduation.” It must begin immediately. “A “Keep it up!” or postponement would be tantamount to our society’s unconditional surrender to extremists and populists,” said BEV state chairman Martin Löwe on Wednesday evening.

Contrary to well-sounding assurances in Sunday speeches, dilapidated school buildings as well as a lack of teachers and resources show that political leaders actually have little regard for general education.

Natural curiosity and thus the desire to learn are innate in humans. Brain research confirms that what has been learned and experienced as useful is learned more sustainably. “But given the overcrowded curricula, a lack of resources in our schools and stressed parents, there is not enough space for this,” says Löwe. “In this way, we manage to drive out children’s desire to learn right at the beginning of their school career.”

In addition, education has previously been considered the key to prosperity. Now people with the highest number of clicks are increasingly becoming role models for young people; For example, influencers who could apparently earn millions even without a high school diploma. “Young people are rightly asking themselves why they should bother with school when they could become rich or famous without an educational qualification,” said Löwe. Schools must be able to plausibly answer the question of why education is necessary and how important it still is today.

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