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Complete Stargazer X Review, From Design to Cost of Ownership

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.comHyundai Stargazer The X is one of the flagship models in the segment low multi purpose vehicle (LMPV). This car is quite popular, both because of its design, features and price.

Stargazer X In fact, it is a Stargazer that has been given several changes to make it look like SUV. Therefore, this car is also widely referred to as crossover.

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Hyundai presents the Stargazer X in two variants, namely Style and Prime. This car is priced from IDR 325.6 million (OTR Jakarta) to IDR 336.2 million (OTR Jakarta).

photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2023/12/07/080200315/ulasan-lengkap-stargazer-x-mulai-desain-hingga-biaya-kepemilikan?page=2" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Kompas.com/Donny Hyundai Stargazer X

The color choices are quite diverse, namely Dragon Red Pearl, Magnetic Silver Metallic, Creamy White Pearl, Midnight Black Pearl, Titan Gray Metallic, Optic White Matte, and Gravity Gold Matte.

However, for two-tone colors you have to add IDR 1.5 million and matte IDR 3.5 million.

photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2023/12/07/080200315/ulasan-lengkap-stargazer-x-mulai-desain-hingga-biaya-kepemilikan?page=3" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Hyundai Stargazer XKompas.com/Donny Hyundai Stargazer X

Exterior Design
The external appearance is eccentric and quite attractive. Hyundai gives a futuristic impression, so the front looks like a robot. In particular, for the silver metallic matte color. The LED DRL also looks like a pair of eyes.

Stargazer The lowest ground clearance is 5 mm lower than the Stargazer.

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photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2023/12/07/080200315/ulasan-lengkap-stargazer-x-mulai-desain-hingga-biaya-kepemilikan?page=4" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Interior Hyundai Stargazer XKompas.com/Donny Interior Hyundai Stargazer X

Design interior
The Stargazer So, the interior looks more spacious, especially in the second row.

However, it should be noted that using a captain seat requires digging deeper into your pockets. Consumers are charged an additional fee of IDR 1 million.

When you enter the Stargazer Apart from that, at night, the cabin looks futuristic with blue Ambient Light.

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photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2023/12/07/080200315/ulasan-lengkap-stargazer-x-mulai-desain-hingga-biaya-kepemilikan?page=5" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Hyundai Stargazer XKompas.com/Donny Hyundai Stargazer X

Featured Features
Regarding features, Hyundai is quite generous in including many advanced features and technology in its flagship crossover. Its features are no less competitive than competitors in its class. Several features also help drivers when driving, both in terms of comfort, safety and practicality.

Stargazer X is also equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology called Hyundai SmartSense. This technology includes many active security features that can support driving comfort.

However, this car is only equipped with a reverse camera, there is no 360 camera. In fact, this feature is also quite important when driving in narrow spaces or when trying to park.

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photo" data-photolink="http://otomotif.kompas.com/image/2023/12/07/080200315/ulasan-lengkap-stargazer-x-mulai-desain-hingga-biaya-kepemilikan?page=6" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">Test drive Hyundai Stargazer XKompas.com/Adityo Test drive Hyundai Stargazer X

Driving Comfort
It’s not difficult to get an ergonomic riding position. The seat settings are electric, the steering wheel can also be adjusted in position. Visibility is not compromised while driving. The seat is quite soft and in the middle is equipped with an arm rest. So, the overall driving position is quite comfortable.

For passengers sitting in the second or middle row, the space provided is quite spacious. The seat settings are also quite optimal, the backrest can be made quite reclined. By using captain seats, passenger capacity is reduced. However, passengers sitting in the second row are much more comfortable and feel exclusive.

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