Paradise for ladies, resounding farewell: who leaves the series?

A resounding farewell to say the least The Paradise of Lord, the beloved actress leaves the series: why?

After the break due to Covid-19 the new episodes of The Paradise of the Ladies, the beloved soap that continues to garner support.

A young and talented cast and always new and exciting stories, these are certainly two of the ingredients of the success of the program.

Fans of the series will have to contend with a bitter goodbye: one of the actresses is about to leave the series.

The ladies’ paradise, the farewell of a beloved character

The ladies' paradise, resounding farewell

One of the most loved characters of The ladies’ paradise is about to say goodbye to the series, we are talking about the sweet Angela. The young girl, Marcello’s sister, decides to move to Australia to live with the adoptive parents of her son Matteo.

The young girl had made the heart of Riccardo Guarnieri, victim of a deception by his girlfriend, may soon be reunited with an old flame.

Alessia Debandi is out of the series, the reason

Sweet Angela is played by the very young girl Alessia Debandi, the 22-year-old was taken out of the series at the behest of the writers.

Although her characters are much loved, in fact, we wanted to find a conclusion for her, so as to allow Riccardo to have a free heart in view of the return of Nicoletta Cattaneo.

Federica Giirardello, after leaving the series to fulfill his theatrical commitments, he will return to give a worthy conclusion to the story between Riccardo and Nicoletta.

The future of Marcello Barbieri aka Pietro Masotti

The farewell of Angela will not create problems for the future of her brother’s character, Marcello Barbieri. The Young Man, played by Pietro Masotti, will take up more and more space on the soap with the start of the fifth season.

The young bartender will have to contend with some ghosts of the past and will try to conquer the talented Roberta.

Goodbye to two characters

The shocking news doesn’t stop there, fans de Heaven of the Ladies they will have to greet two other characters: Riccardo and Marta, the two finally reunited will leave Milan to dedicate themselves to their daughter, Margherita.

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