“I don’t care how many goals we conceded because of him. He’s a baby.” The 19-year-old is a football hero

FCSB Bucharest defeated Backa Topola (Serbia) 5: 4 on penalties in the crazy match of the 2nd round of the Europa League qualifying round. 12 goals were scored in 120 minutes. The team from Bucharest won not only the rival, but also the coronavirus.

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19-year-old hero of the team from Romania

Right after the 2nd elimination round has been drawn THE FCSB was considered a clear favorite for promotion to the next round. Everything changed a few days before the game with Backa, when it turned out that several FCSB players and part of the coaching staff were infected with the coronavirus. According to the rules, UEFA allows the match to be postponed in such a situation, but on one condition – the team does not have 13 healthy and reported players for the European competition. The Romanian team was unlucky because they had 14 such players and had to go to Serbia.

The guests from Romania had a great problem filling the goal for this match. They had to bet on the fourth goalkeeper, 19-year-old Razvan Ducan. He did not defend too confidently and resulted in conceding a few goals. IN series penalty shootout was however the hero of the team. Mihai Pintilia, who was first visiting coach in this game, said: “I don’t even know how many goals we conceded today because of him, but I don’t care. This child. He saved us in the penalty shootout!

It was a debut for the 19-year-old in the first team from Bucharest. Before that, he played for the youth team FCSB and the first division ACS FC Arges.

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