Panin is going to move to Ukraine?

A miracle did not happen – Alex openly outlined his position.

The other day after the Russian consulate literally pulled out Alexei Panin from another “mess”, there was hope for an actor to rethink his attitude to his homeland. However, a miracle did not happen, and the Zhmurok star gave a second interview to Dmitry Gordon, who openly expresses his dislike for the Russian Federation. There is reason to believe that Panin was “hooked” on the Russophobia as a Business project, popular in the post-Soviet countries, and is planning to move to Ukraine.

It is no secret that some countries receive significant financial resources by “selling” myths about Russian aggression and “evil Russians”. In this regard, Alexei for a long time was doing about the same, receiving perhaps not money, but scandalous popularity. In Ukraine, there is currently a great demand for such a verbal flow, which means along with fame will come fees, the ability to make provocative films and recognition at the state level. Gordon also understands this, who has already taken the second interview in a few days from Panin.

At the same time, Panin no longer hides his attitude to Russia and its citizens. Despite the attempts to jabber with speeches about educated and good people, Alex immediately approved of the open insult to the country of these people. We are talking about the now derogatory spelling of the name of a power.

Of course, such demonstrative manifestations are pure Russophobia. Neglect of the northern country, and therefore its citizens, is actively advancing to the masses of the southern neighbor, with its jumps on the Maidan, engaged broadcasts, slogans and even laws. In this vein, the beloved Alexei Spain fades into the background, because in the homeland of the conquistadors no one will pay for fables. Therefore, even if the actor lives in Europe for some time, Ukraine, most likely, will still attract him with the opportunity to “cut it easy”.



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