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Pancasila Youth Looking for Men Who Instructed Members to Kill

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chief Manager of the Center for Extension and Legal Defense (BPPH) Youth of Pancasila, Razman Arif Nasution, said his party was looking for who instructed to kill the bully of his organization. This video clip showing a man giving instructions to kill the bullies of the large family of the Pancasila Youth organization has gone viral on social media.

“We are also looking for who and where the video was made,” Razman said in a short message on Saturday, November 27, 2021.

Razman claimed that the Pancasila Youth organization forbade its members to kill other people. “Pancasila youth are not allowed to act as in the video,” he said.

In a 30 -second video circulating on social media, there is a man giving killing orders to dozens of people around him.

“So don’t beat them, don’t stab them, other than kill them. Take your life if you dare to disturb the PP’s big family, especially the post. If someone asks who killed him, go home, sit down with his family, I will deal with the Regional Police, I will take responsibility for all my orders, no other words, no need to coordinate, no need to negotiate, kill, when they dare to disturb a large family, they dare to disturb the Pancasila Youth post,” said the man as shown in the video seen by Tempo.

Razman said that the video was not related to the demonstration carried out by Pemuda Pancasila last Thursday. “It’s not about Junimart or during the demonstration at the DPR RI yesterday.”

The demonstration on Thursday, November 25, 2021, was carried out by Pemuda Pancasila to demand an apology directly from a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the PDIP faction, Junimart Girsang. The masses did not accept the statement by the Council members who urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to bring order to the Pancasila Youth organization.

The Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives issued the statement in response to the clashes between the Betawi Rempug Forum (FBR) and Pemuda Pancasila that occurred in Ciledug, Tangerang Regency. Previously, there was also a similar clash between FBR vs PP in West Jakarta.

The demonstration last Thursday led to the beating of members of the National Police by several people from Youth of Pancasila. Head of the Operations Section of the Traffic Directorate of Polda Metro Jaya Adjunct Senior Commissioner Dermawan Karosekali suffered serious head injuries.


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