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Padmaja Venugopal Joins BJP: Talks in Delhi, Will Accept Membership Tomorrow – Manorama Online

Padmaja Venugopal to BJP: Will accept membership tomorrow – Padmaja Venugopal join bjp – Manorama Online | Malayalam News | Manorama News Padmaja Venugopal to BJP: Talks in Delhi, will accept membership on Thursday

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Published: March 06 , 2024 10:58 PM IST

Updated: March 06, 2024 11:18 PM IST

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Padmaja Venugopal

Thrissur – Padmaja Venugopal, daughter of former Chief Minister and Congress leader K. Karunakaran, will join the BJP. After reaching Delhi, Padmaja will hold talks with BJP national leaders. Padmaja has told her close friends that the reason behind the decision is that the Congress party leadership has continuously ignored it.

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The problem started when the district leaders stopped Padmaja from getting into Priyanka Gandhi’s vehicle during the last assembly election campaign rally. Padmaja contested the Thrissur constituency in the last two assembly elections but did not win. It is also indicated that the Congress was delaying the construction of K. Karunakaran’s memorial and influenced Padmaja’s decision. But even though there were earlier campaigns that Padmaja would join the BJP, she rejected it.

Padmaja said that she had heard a news in some media that she was going to join the BJP and did not know where it came from. Padmaja is currently one of the General Secretaries of KPCC. In 2004, Padmaja contested from Mukundapuram Lok Sabha constituency but lost. Lonappan lost to Nambata. Padmaja contested for the Legislative Assembly in 2021 from Thrissur, but even then Padmaja tasted defeat. V. S. Sunil Kumar was the opposing candidate that time.

Padmaja Venugopal is the first woman to hold the charge of Thrissur DCC President. He was a member of the Indian National Trade Union Congress Working Committee, Thappaya Employees Union and Technical Educational Society of India. Former Chief Minister K. She is the daughter of Karunakaran and Kalyanikutty Amma. K. Muralidharan MP is his brother.

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Padmaja Venugopal joins BJP

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