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New Beijing BJ30 Crossover: Specs, Features, and Release Date Revealed by BAIC

Photo: BAIC company

The Chinese concern BAIC uses the name BJ not only for full-fledged frame SUVs (this is the BJ40 we already know and the larger BJ60), but also for brutal crossovers. Back in 2015, the compact Beijing BJ20 appeared, which after a large-scale restyling received the BJ30 index. And now the second generation Beijing BJ30 has debuted in China, which has actually stepped into the next class and which will be a full-fledged competitor to the Haval Dargo/Dagou and Jetour T2/Traveller crossovers.

The BJ30 retains the characteristic angular style of the BJ-series SUVs, replete with straight lines, angles and sheer surfaces. Even the segmented radiator grille “a la Jeep” has been retained, albeit with LED imitation of the segments. In general, not knowing about the crossover nature of the BJ30, it is easy to mistake it for an off-road brutal.

BAIC has not yet published all the technical characteristics of the new BJ30, but thanks to the Chinese certification agency, its key parameters are already known. For example, overall dimensions: length – 4730 mm, width – 1910, height – 1790 mm. Wheelbase – 2820 mm, approach angle – 25°and the exit is 30°. The crossover has high-profile tires measuring 235/65 R18. The previous BJ30, we recall, is only 4.5 m in length.

The newcomer will be offered in two versions – purely petrol and hybrid, although both have the same 1.5 turbo engine. In the basic crossover it produces 188 hp, such a BJ30 with a curb weight of 1575 kg can reach 190 km/h. In the hybrid, this engine is derated to 158 hp, but the parameters of the electric add-on have not yet been made public. It is only known that the mass of this modification is 1770 kg, and the maximum speed is 170 km/h. There are no other details yet.

In the official announcement, the BAIC concern promises an imminent full premiere of the Beijing BJ30 model. Most likely, it will take place at the Beijing Auto Show, scheduled for April this year. Then all the details will become known.

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