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Operation “let a bag” – give a bag – Jewish Traveler and we will be safe

The CEO of the YOLO chain for school supplies, Tomer Rosenzweig, and the CEO of Leta, Eran Weintraub, are collaborating in preparation for the opening of the upcoming school year. As part of the collaboration, bags, pencil cases, notebooks and stationery will be donated to thousands of children from needy families.

Customers who come to YOLO chain branches during the month of August, will be able to donate NIS 5 or 10 which will be dedicated to the purchase of bags, pencil cases, notebooks and stationery for thousands of children from families supported by the Leta organization.

Tomer Rosenzweig CEO of the YOLO chain: “This is an opportunity to give back and contribute to the community, it is a real privilege to contribute to a very important place. We cherish and appreciate the connection and partnership with the Leta organization. YOLO is happy to be part of a new and good start for children who go to first grade. Especially in a project that reinforces the statement that all children are equal and everyone deserves an equal opportunity.”

Attorney Eran Weintraub, CEO of Leta Organization: “Creating equal opportunities in education is one of the main tools to prevent generational poverty. Children from low-income families, who do not receive the necessary support, will not be able to realize their individual talent and potential, and may even drop out of the system Education, which will reduce their chances of acquiring a higher education and increase the chance that they will grow up to be poor adults. Giving the necessary equipment for children’s studies to families that cannot afford it, is the most elementary basis for creating equal opportunities.”

Photo: Mor Hadar Gal On.

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