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Opel launches electric car for 15-year-old drivers

Opel has introduced a new small electric car called the Rocks-e. In Germany, the model will belong to the category of light vehicles with engines not exceeding 6 kW, which can be driven by drivers over 15 years of age with an AM certificate.

Opel Rocks-e is a redesigned version of the Citroen Ami subcompact car, which debuts in early 2019. One of the main features of these cars are the asynchronous doors, which open in different directions, absolutely identical front and rear body panels, as well as a panoramic roof.

The length of the car is 2.41 m, the width – 1.39 m, and the weight, together with the battery is 471 kg. The developers claim that the cabin can accommodate two people up to 1.90 meters high. In the rear compartment there is a small luggage compartment with a volume of 63 liters, as well as a special hook for bags size XXL.

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The driver has access to a small display that shows the current driving mode, speed, battery level and range. In addition, a smartphone holder is installed inside, with which it is possible to provide network integration with the car via a mobile application for access to additional information.

Opel Rocks-e is powered by a compact 5.5 kW electric motor, equivalent to approximately 8 horsepower. The maximum speed of the electric car is 45 km per hour, and when the batteries are fully charged it can travel up to 75 km.

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European sales of Opel Rocks will begin in the fall of 2021. The prices of the small electric car will be announced later. But, for example, a similar Citroen Ami costs 6.9 thousand euros in France, writes Autonews.

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