A car swept two girls in danger on the sidewalk in Vratsa

Ruler Photo Archive

A young driver with a BMW crashed into a bus stop in Vratsa’s Dabnika district last night and swept away two children. The driver of the car with German registration lost control of the steering wheel and got on the sidewalk before crashing into the stop next to block 24 and hitting two 17-year-old girls. A third girl was with them, she remained unharmed in the impact, but was shocked by the experience.

The injured children, with broken legs, head injuries and many other injuries, were taken to the Vratsa hospital, but later in the night, due to their serious health condition, they were sent urgently to the capital’s Pirogov. According to the doctors from Vratsa, both girls are in danger of death

According to initial data, a young man and his girlfriend were traveling in the crashed car. According to witnesses, the young man was behind the wheel, but his girlfriend told investigators that she was driving the car.



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