Only one of these cars was sold in the Czech Republic last year: Not only luxury limousines, but also ordinary MPVs

Only eleven models found a single owner in the Czech Republic in 2022. Even if it were offered, we are not just talking about luxury for millions.

First of all, it should be said that the statistics counting the cars sold last year, one piece at a time, certainly do not say that there was no interest in them. There is a separate story behind each one – some cars were just leaving the Czech market, some were just entering it, others were some unconventional exotics. We looked at the data Association of Automobile Importers and found out which models they are.

According to the SDA, a total of 345 different models were registered with us last year. The top of the list probably won’t surprise you, sales were dominated by Škoda Octavia, just ahead of the smaller Fabia (both models sold over 13,000 units). The Hyundai i30 (8,236 units) joined them on the podium, and the top five were completed by Karoq (7,960 units) and Kamiq (6,831 units). But how did it look on the opposite side of the table?

A total of eleven cars report a single registered unit for 2022. Let’s start with those that probably won’t surprise you too much. They record the statistics one piece at a time Rolls-Royce Dawn a Wraith. Luxury limousines, for which it makes sense on the whole, we certainly do not meet them on every corner here.

Other exotics of a similar cut include Alpina B8 Gran Coupe, similar to the figure-eight series with two pairs of doors, which was modernized two years ago. Under the hood, the excellent 4.4-liter turbocharged eight-cylinder engine with an output of 457 kW and a mammoth torque of 800 newton meters still works. The car reaches 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and can reach 324 km/h. The only registered piece is reported by another similar exotic – Maserati Quattroporte.

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It is interesting that we also find in the list of cars Mercedes-Benz GLK, Seat Cupra Leon or sharpened Nissan GT-R. You won’t find them new in the price lists of these brands, but someone managed to register them. Often these are pieces sewn somewhere behind the scenes of showrooms, but who knows, maybe there is a different story behind these cars.

The only registered piece also belongs to an electric SUV Nissan Ariya. This is quite understandable, because the Japanese challenger Škoda Enyaq is a fresh novelty on our market. So it is more than likely that the number of registrations will only grow this year. We can find one more Nissan in the offer, namely a utility van NV200. You can’t buy it new either, the range of commercial vehicles of this brand today includes Townstar and larger Interstar vans.

This brings us to the final two models on the list, both of which hail from France’s Renault. These are not special cars, but a previously very popular MPV, which at one time sold like hot cakes in our country. But Renault Scenic it lost its meaning in the brand’s offer when the brand new and grown-up generation of the Captur crossover applied for the floor.

The story is similar Renaultu Space. The latter is definitely not ending, but after many decades it will become a direct competitor of the Kodiaq from a large-capacity car. The Espace will change the shape of the body to an SUV and will offer up to seven seats inside. The new product will be officially presented soon, we could meet it on Czech roads before the end of this year. For now, you can enjoy the trailer below:

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