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Do you dream of beautiful fashion? We have them – in the mail order company KLINGEL

What does your perfect blouse look like? White, made of smooth, breathable material? Or colourful, patterned, maybe with playful ribbons? And if you had to name a perfect pair of pants, what would it be? Flared jeans that move with you? Or loose-fitting trousers with an intense print? Whatever it is that makes you happy, at the KLINGEL mail order company we have all that and much more in our range.

Do you like walking the dog at the edge of the forest in the evening? Bring your cozy cardigan because it gets cooler as night falls. If rain is imminent, the combination jacket can be used, which has already proven to be so practical when hiking. The light inner jacket is sufficient in mild temperatures, but as soon as the first drops fall, the weatherproof outdoor jacket will keep you warm and dry. If you spend even more time outside having a snowball fight in winter, simply combine both jackets into a warm winter jacket.

The red dress, which goes so wonderfully with the filigree gold chain, is perfect for your sister’s milestone birthday. But are these ballerinas really suitable for the evening? Exactly, the feminine black slings with a small heel are just as comfortable and nicer to look at. Discover the wide variety of different shoes for every situation.

You know these situations, but you don’t have the right fashion in your closet yet? No problem: You can order all of this from the KLINGEL mail order company, very easily and at fair prices.

The KLINGEL mail order company – our history

Our mail order company has a long tradition: For almost 100 years we have been putting together the most beautiful fashion for you in a catalog that is published several times a year. From the fabric shop of the founder Robert Klingel, who also gave our company its name, we have now made it to one of the largest mail order companies in Germany.

In contrast to other mail order companies, we still uphold our tradition. In addition to ordering via our catalogues, you can also order in our online shop. Here you will not only find selected products from our print area, you will also find fashion and accessories in many other colors! Jewelery and home textiles are also available online in an even larger selection.

“Until now, I only knew KLINGEL from the catalogues, which I get in the mailbox several times a year. My daughter showed me the shop on the internet – here I have even more colors and models to choose from!” Johanna, Heidelberg

What our customers reached by mail coach almost a century ago now comes to you in a much faster way: our logistics center in Pforzheim is one of the most modern in Germany and enables you to deliver your ordered goods particularly quickly. This is a special flagship for the mail order business: Our customers are not only happy about the quality of our products, but also about the gifts that arrive in time for Christmas or Easter. That sounds nicer than you want to believe? Try it out: Order without any obligations via our catalog or the online shop and test your products for two weeks. After that, if you don’t like it, you can easily send it back to us for a full refund, of course.

Brands accompany you through everyday life – whether relaxed, active or versatile

Our mail order company cooperates with many well-known brands that offer not only fashion but also home accessories and electrical appliances. We attach great importance to first-class quality – because nobody wants a product that stops working after a few weeks. Fabrics and clothes have to withstand long days and many washes. Here, too, high-quality workmanship is important to us so that you can enjoy your clothes for a long time.

Our partners are excellent fashion brands such as Picard, Seeberger, Hattric, Gabor, Tamaris, Triumph and many more. The diverse range of products is supplemented by our own brands such as Laura Kent, Roger Kent and Amy Vermont, which are dedicated to producing high-quality fashion.

You can experience quiet hours at night with bed linen from our Webschatz brand. Do you like bedded flowers? Or do you prefer to dream in checks? Whatever you prefer, the variety in our offer will convince you.

KLINGEL, yes, there are beautiful things that last a long time and look like the pictures.” Elsa, Schwerin

Whether you prefer to select fashion from the catalogs or search in our online shop, fashion diversity is our top priority. The mail order company KLINGEL is the godfather for all active, life-affirming people who like to be out and about and actively enjoy life. Let our fashion accompany you through everyday life, both in the office and in your free time, our products are characterized by cuddly fabrics that are comfortable on the skin and a pleasant fit. Fashion from KLINGEL also means that you will find what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. Various current colors are available for you to choose from as well as a large variety of cuts.

Are you unsure whether what you see in our illustrations suits you? Use the service area of ​​our mail order company and get comprehensive advice. You can not only find information such as size charts and care instructions on our website, we also offer you important background information about shopping on the Internet. Because not only our products should give you a feeling of well-being, the purchase itself should also give you pleasure, completely untroubled.

Online shopping can become an experience with KLINGEL

The extensive KLINGEL online range offers you a whole shopping experience. Because in addition to the current women’s fashion and men’s clothing, you can be inspired by the theme worlds and if you need advice before you buy, we will provide you with helpful guides.

Do you not only want to freshen up your wardrobe but also your home? Then you should take a look at our “Living” and “Household” sections. Here you will discover everything you need for your four walls. From beautiful home textiles, helpful household appliances, new furniture to new crockery and beautiful home accessories.

As you can see, the KLINGEL online shop offers a diverse range that not only makes fashion enthusiasts’ hearts beat faster. Hobby gardeners and sports enthusiasts will also find what they are looking for here.

KLINGEL stands for variety, for fashionable sophistication and cuddly soft home textiles for your home. Shopping is very easy in our mail order company, give it a try!

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