Omnibus Law Demo in Jababeka, Six Critical UPB Students

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

A total of six Pelita Bangsa University students were rushed to hospital in critical condition after the demonstration was rejected all the law The Job Creation Law (Ciptaker) in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, Wednesday (7/10).

“Six people are in quite critical condition, one student is still in serious action because he continues to experience bleeding,” said PR University of Pelita Bangsa, Nining Yuningsih., Wednesday (7/10).

Six students were rushed to two different hospitals because the critical level required different treatment. Three students were rushed to Harapan Keluarga Hospital and the rest to Karya Medika Hospital.

Nining at the same time denied reports on social media that one UPB student had died. The students who were admitted to the hospital, he said, were dominated by bleeding wounds from the head to the temples. Nining has not been able to confirm about injuries caused by rubber bullets, although reports from students who took part in the demonstration said so.

“However, we can confirm that the news of our student died is not true,” he said.

Separately confirmed, the Chairperson of the DPC GMNI Bekasi Regency Yogi Trinanda reported about the clash that occurred with the police. At least, he said, three of his colleagues had to undergo treatment at the nearest hospital.

“Three [korban]. Two wounds on the head, one wound on the jaw, cheek, “said Head of DPC GMNI Bekasi Regency Yogi Trinanda when confirmed., Wednesday night.

One of the injured students was a fellow GMNI, one from another student organization, and another one was known not to be involved in student organizations.

He explained that the three students underwent medical treatment at the hospital, where there were stitches. One of them, he said, had to be hospitalized.

He explained that the mass of students who came from the Pelita Bangsa University campus this afternoon took action to reject the omnibus law ciptaker. They, said Yogi, moved from the campus to the Jababeka area at around 09.00 WIB.

However, their steps were stopped because they were intercepted by the police. After negotiating, there was an agreement that the masses could only move to the middle of the Jababeka 1 area, not to approach the toll road.

However, it had not yet reached an agreed point, that the masses were again isolated by the security forces. As a result, he said, a commotion started this afternoon.

Tonight, said Yogi, the mass of students had finished their action. However, he ensured, his fellow students would not stop today from taking action against the omnibus law on work copyright.

Responding to the violence against the student masses in Jababeka, the General Chairperson of the DPP GMNI Arjuna called on the security apparatus not to be repressive in securing demonstrations.

“Security is necessary. But there is no need to be excessive and no need to be repressive. Because this is an ordinary rejection. People express their thoughts as part of democracy, protected by the constitution,” said Arjuna in his statement to

“In Bekasi, our cadres have become victims of repressive actions by the security forces. So we deeply regret the security forces who are supposed to protect them. Not beating students so that students do not demonstrate,” he added.

The DPP GMNI according to Arjuna will follow up this beating case by reporting it to Komnas HAM.

“We will report to Komnas HAM. Because every time we secure a demonstration, the apparatus has a procedure. It cannot be hit at random,” he concluded.

(ain, kid/asa)

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